The Lake Isle of Innisfree : William Butler Yeats |Justify the title of the poem


 The Lake Isle of Innisfree : William Butler Yeats

The poem, "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" is about the poet's desire to go to the lake island of Innisfree in search of peace.

Justify the title of the poem 

He describes a landscape that is incredibly peaceful and full of natural beauty. This also suggested a place that has not been diminished by human interference. Keeping in context with this theme of the poem, the title of the poem doesn't simply describes a water body or landscape, rather it symbolises freedom, peace and a place to escape from the hectic urban life.
In addition to this, as the title signifies a place, it makes us curious to know what the poet would tell about the place and also his relationship with the place.  These expectations of the readers, when they first reads the title,  is duly fulfilled after reading the whole poem. Thus, the title gives the readers a glimpse of the poet's desire and justifies the theme of the poem - therein lies the significance of the title.     

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