Lyric Poetry | Lyrics in English literature


Lyric Poetry | Lyrics in English literature 

The lyric originally meant a poem to be sung to the accompaniment of a lyre.  It is related to the tradition of troubadours and the trouveres who flourished in the Middle Ages in France and Italy.

Lyric is Greek in its origin as Greek songs are either melic or lyric. 
The lyric is a song which is sung by a single voice or by chorus.  
After the Norman Conquest of 1066, we trace the existence of shorter and music accompanimed lyric,  which were composed for singing or dancing. 
In the literary history the earliest known lyricist was St.  Godric of 12th century.  To his authorship there were three hymns,  including the devotional  "Sainte Marye Virgine".
English lyrics have simplicity and spontaneity that are closely associated with the craft of song - making. The rites and ceremonies and sacred dances of the old nature religion are the main purpose of these lyrics. 
Some have its origin in pre Christian myths and rituals. Some lyrics found place in the Christmas cards, expressing the carnival nature of the English folks.

Lyrics Poetry in English literature

In the 15th century lyrics became literary. In England Chaucer stands out to be the greatest pioneer of these new kind of poetry. His well known lyric poetry are " To Rosemont Truth" , "Complaint to his Purse".
Lyrics are written as songs, odes, ballads, sonnets and such poems in general.
Wyatt was the precursor of the Elizabethan and Jacobean lyrical verse. He followed the French and Italian models of lyric poetry.
The lyrics developed in a very fine form in the 17th century. They were composed on the theme of love and love-making , knitted with a brilliance of imaginary and melody. Donne's song is a fine instance of these.
Lyrics became one of the finest literary form at the hands of romantic poets. Keat's and Shelly's "odes" are a class of themselves. "Ode to a Skylark" is the best example of it's effervescent imaginary, reverberant melody and reflective theme.
Our discussion in the preceding stanzas throws much light on the form, history and importance of lyric poetry in the field of English literature. 
Thus, we may conclude that lyric as a poetic form occupies an important place in the field of English poetry.


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