Among the poets of the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer is at the pinnacle with his incomparable literary works. Of his year of birth the details available are not authentic but are calculated afterwards. As per the details available from the France Army, he was born in 1343-1344; but his own calculation of his birth date was 1340. His father, named John Chaucer , was a wine merchant - a supplier to the royal family . Chaucer's educational life was not known except that he was a great reader . His marital life started with Philippa Payne Roet  , a maid of honour of the Queen , who was also the sister to the third wife of John  of Gaunt , the influential Duke of Lancaster .

Geoffrey Chaucer as a Poet

The life and work of Chaucer has been divided into three periods , in context with the various influences upon his works .

French period in the life of Geoffrey Chaucer

The first period counts his youth and early manhood till the age of thirty . The exclusive influence of French literature made it the "French period " of his life . At that time his works were widely influenced by French literature . A popular poetical work of this period is "THE ROMAUNT OF THE ROSE " which was a translation of a popular French poem , " ROMAN DE LA ROSA " . His best work of this period is the " BOOK OF THE DUNCHESSE " . Other poem of this group are  "ABC " and " THE COMPLEYNT OF MARS " .

Italian period in the life of Geoffrey Chaucer

The second period , covering 15 years , was the Italian period of Chaucer's life . At this stage he widely read Italian poetic works , whose influence was seen in his works of this period . The influence of Italian masters namely , Dante and Petrarch were noticeable . The chief poetical work of this period is "TROILUS AND CRISEYDE " . Another unfinished poem bearing Italian influence is "THE HOUSE OF FAME " . The third great poetical work of this period is " THE LEGEND OF GOOD WOMAN " " THE PARLIAMENT OF FOWLS " is another poem of Italian influence.

English period in the life of Geoffrey Chaucer

The masterpiece " PROLOGUE TO THE CANTERBURY TALES " of Chaucer constituted the third period , which is the English life of that time . It proved to be the most fruitful of all the periods as it bears his masterpiece in which his fame chiefly rest .

Geoffrey Chaucer died on October 24 , 1400 and was buried in Westminister Abbey . Thus, he became the first poet to occupy " The Poet's Corner " in that prestigious abbey.

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